Dear Parents and Coaches


Over the last few years we have had great support from Pirates Club members with Volunteering to Umpire games.
However, at this time, our Umpire numbers have decreased due to some of our junior club members being unavailable this season.

This October and November we would like to put the call out to request that Parents and/or older siblings help us with Volunteering to join the Umpires Crew.

Umpiring games is a fantastic way to participate in the success of our Baseball club, and we would very much appreciate your involvement.
Ideally, we are searching for 1 or 2 Expressions of Interest from each team.

This summer our Umpire Coordinator is keen to provide training and conduct some practice games and/or shadow Umpire support to get you going, therefor no coaching or umpiring experience is necessary.

Please send in your Expression of Interest to by 30th-OCTOBER (please include your name and best contact number).

We look forward to hearing from you.

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